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Discover the gift of Vudoo

Vudoo's self-serve software allows you to turn video content into interactive, user-journey driven and shoppable experiences. This level of interactivity drives deeper levels of engagement that ordinary video can't deliver.

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How interactive video can help prove the value of your marketing

Register for free to attend our upcoming online Vudoo Masterclass. Hosted by Vudoo Account Executive Trisha Zileski, this 30-minute lunchtime webinar explores how you can get more value from your marketing efforts, as well as how interactive video gives you a better understanding of your video content's ROI.

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Why Vudoo?

Convert views to sales

Convert views to sales

Shorten the sales cycle with in-video shopping; create shopping carts, configure products, enter and calculate shipping details all in-video. When your customers are ready to buy they'll be able to complete any transactions in-video, and then resume watching your content!

Learn more about audience behavior

Learn more about audience behavior

Traditional video metrics make it hard to understand what content your audience connects with. Vudoo’s advanced analytics cpaturre information such as interaction rate (the percentage of users that interacted with your video) and completion rate.

Personalise audience experience

Personalise audience experience

Create content that stands out and keeps your audience engaged for longer. Use personalized user journeys, also known as branching technology, to create interactive stories that enable users to choose only the content that truly matters to them.

A feature-rich platform

The gift of insights

Learn more about your audience than ever before with Vudoo's advanced metrics that provide real-time performance and deeper insights into your content. Every video interaction generates measurable data that enables you to optimize future content, hone your strategies and inform how to share your content.

Analytics Features

The gift of conversion

Convert interest into tangible sales with our world-first, in-video shoppable features. With Vudoo commerce you can significantly shorten the sales cycle using clickable product buttons, add to cart features and payments delivered directly within your video content.

Shoppable video

The gift of creativity

Keep users engaged with unique video content that stands out. Use personalized user journeys to create interactive stories that enable users to choose only the content that truly matters to them. All Vudoo interactions are completely customizable, meaning you can transform videos into an interactive experience whilst staying on-brand.

Platform Features

Why your marketing strategy isn't complete without interactive video

New year, new…marketing strategy? Here in 2023, video is the world's most popular content. Unfortunately this can mean that adding regular video into your marketing strategy no longer guarantees higher engagement. If you're looking to create video content that truly connects with your audience, whilst also learning more about their viewing behavior - then you should consider investing in an interactive video platform.

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5 ways publishers can benefit from interactive video

The world of publishing is a competitive one, and finding an advantage can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the role of a publisher continues to change and evolve. However there are two key objectives that remain the constant: create valuable content that engages an audience, and promote products and services that resonate with that audience.

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