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Rip Curl's Summer Looks Good On You

Rip Curl enhanced their customer's online retail experience with Vudoo's content tools to make finding the perfect swimwear easy. Keep reading to find out how they implemented Vudoo features and the results.

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increase in average purchase price

*US, AU & NZ: 12 month period (campaign period 5 months)


products clicked to shop

*US, AU & NZ: 12 month period (campaign period 5 months)


user journey completion rate from 47,205 views

*US, AU & NZ: 12 month period (campaign period 5 months)

Streamlining the online retail experience

As one of the world's biggest swimwear brands, Rip Curl know how important finding the perfect bikini can be to a memorable summer. Known as the "ultimate surfing company", their clothing combines fashion and function to help their customers get the most out of every wave.

Rip Curl completed a research project to help them better understand their female customers, and they uncovered that many found the online shopping process difficult. They were looking for a way to make their eCommerce customer experience more seamless and comfortable.

Finding the right fit

Rip Curl used interactive content to put together the 'Summer Looks Good On You' campaign, giving users the power to see what Rip Curl's bikinis looked like when worn, with Rip Curl using footage of their staff to showcase their range. Features such as branching technology and clickable hotspots meant that users could choose different settings and body types to find the right fit for them, which helped users make more informed purchasing decisions. Users were then taken to Rip Curl's eCommerce site to make their purchases.


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Rip Curl's Summer Looks Good On you - May 1st to October 27th, 2021 in Australia


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Rip Curl's Summer Looks Good On you - May 1st to October 27th, 2021 in Australia


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Rip Curl's Summer Looks Good On you - May 1st to October 27th, 2021 in Australia

The Results

The 'Summer Looks Good On You' campaign streamlined the online shopping experience for customers, making it easier to find exactly what they were looking for. Customers told Rip Curl that finding the perfect fit was made much easier using the personalised shoppable experience, and the campaign provided an content experience that can't be replicated using social media or traditional eCommerce platforms.

Vudoo's analytics gave Rip Curl an end-to-end insight into their customers buying habits. As a company, they're always looking to expand their size offerings and cater to more body types, and tracking the in-video decisions customers were making helped them better understand the types of bikinis their audience want to purchase before their next summer trip.

James Taylor

"What we really took notice of was the feedback from the customers, who said it was very easy for them to find their fit and find a bikini that was perfect for them and their use."

James Taylor

Global Creative Director, Rip Curl

Ash Reader, Head of Brand and Marketing

The Vudoo technology shows the power of video in commerce – we have had great feedback from customers so far explaining just how easy it is to shop for their bikinis now...The Rip Curl Fit Guide demonstrates just how powerful Vudoo’s integrated video technology can be for sales and customer experience. Through this, we can see the common paths that were taken, what items were popular and what body shape is most common. all of which can help shape future decisions.

Ash Reader, Head of Brand and Marketing

Rip Curl