Melbourne Convention Bureau's Ready Set Melbourne

Discover how the Melbourne Convention Bureau used interactive video to showcase the beauty of Melbourne as a premium destination.

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Showcasing the beauty of Melbourne

Melbourne Convention Bureau use video as part of their strategy to highlight the countless destinations and experiences Melbourne has to offer. In order to keep their marketing and advertising fresh, they wanted to incorporate interactivity into their 'Ready. Set. Melbourne' campaign, which was designed to reach four audiences: local hosts, conference planners, incentive planners and event attendees.

Creating personalized journeys

Using the power of interactive video, MCB was able to speak to all four audiences and take them on individual journeys. Branching technology meant that their audience could select the category that applied to them, and embark on a specific journey tailored to their needs, rather than having to sit through a linear narrative that may not have contained the information they needed.


Interaction rate (% of viewers that interacted with the video)

Melbourne Convention Bureau's Ready Set Melbourne - April 22nd to May 20th

The results

The benefits of Vudoo were two-fold for MCB. Not only were they able to create a more engaging piece of content, but Vudoo's advanced analytics gave them deeper insights into what experiences/destinations their audience was most interested in learning about. This information is useful for optimizing and planning future campaigns, meaning MCB can better communicate with their audience in the future.

Sandro Serio

“Authentic marketing really works. It delivers on expectations, bolsters confidence within the local events industry and distributes audience relevant content. Our decision to use an interactive video platform for MCB’s new destination video and event planning tool offers content management flexibility for us and our industry partners. We focus on developing audience centric marketing assets and the included analytical features revealed that we achieved outstanding engagement rates. We are very happy to have appointed Vudoo – they are the perfect partner and provide an ideal solution for our interactive video planning tool.”

Sandro Serio

Marketing & Design Manager, Melbourne Convention Bureau