5 ways publishers can benefit from Vudoo's commerce suite

Feb 15, 2023

The world of publishing is a competitive one, and finding an advantage can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the role of a publisher continues to change and evolve. However there are two key objectives that remain the constant: create valuable content that engages an audience, and promote products and services that resonate with that audience.

Traditional methods of advertising can work to an extent, but new technology is about to revolutionize how publishers promote: Vudoo's commerce suite solution. Vudoo’s patent-pending technology can help publishers sell more advertising space to brands - in fact, Vudoo technology has already powered campaigns run by companies like Burberry, Moet & Chandon, Dyson and more. Read on to learn more about how publishers, just like yourself, can benefit from investing in Vudoo's technology.

1. Offer more advertising options that convert

Looking for ways to offer advertisers something that your competitors can’t? In-stream checkout gives you the ability to offer ad content that both shortens the sales cycle and turns interest into conversions. Younger audiences tend to have shorter attention spans, so interactive ads capture attention and convert.

Vudoo's in-video technology makes it easy for viewers to shop products straight from ad content. The seamless technology includes the ability for users to add products to cart, add delivery and payment details, then checkout - all without leaving the ad content.

2. Provide detailed campaign reports

In today’s age, information is king. The more information you can give advertisers about their potential ad reach, the more advertising you’re likely to sell. Vudoo's commerce suite captures analytics like interaction rate and completion rate, as well as geolocation and source, every click creates a data point.

Knowing what audiences are clicking on most within a piece of content (and what they’re not engaging with) can empower both your business and your advertisers to enhance current and future campaigns.

Need to share data reports with clients? Vudoo makes it easy. Our analytics platform allows you to download data to create graphs in platforms such as Canva and Excel, as well as in formats such as CSV, TXT, JSON, Markdown, PNG and PDF.

3. Drive lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most common goals for advertisers, but also one of the trickiest to get right. With Vudoo, overlays can be embedded within pieces of video content, allowing audiences to input their details to stay up-to-date with the advertiser’s communications.

The beauty of including lead generation forms within videos is that they’re prompting for information when the user is most engaged with the content, leading to a higher conversion rate. Vudoo overlays are completely customizable and work seamlessly alongside video content. Your clients can create interactive ads that stay on-brand and don’t take away from the customer experience.

4. Generate award-winning advertising campaigns

Now is the time to invest in innovative technologies. Both the ATO and Canesten built award-winning video campaigns powered by Vudoo. Your advertisers could be next. The potential reach of media content coupled with increased engagement using Vudoo's content enhancement tools gives advertiser content the stepping stone it needs to get users viewing and clicking their content.

Vudoo's content enhancement tools can help businesses that are looking to make an impact when they advertise online. There is an opportunity to be an innovator in the online advertising space by embedding interactive elements into both organic and paid campaigns.

5. Hassle free integration for teams

Offering in-stream checkout features to your clients, but worried about dealing with eCommerce? No need. Vudoo's integration between an eCommerce vendor and the publisher's platform means that Vudoo's content simply displays the client's eCommerce environment. Publishers can offer the shoppable function to clients without the worry of dealing with the logistics of in-video purchases.

Furthermore, Vudoo’s intuitive platform is built with user-friendly functionality in mind. The platform makes it easy for teams across all departments to enhance new and existing content, and the Vudoo support team is always on hand to help.

This is just a snapshot of how Vudoo can benefit the publishing industry. Interested in finding out more? Book a demo with our team today and get started on driving new revenue streams for your business with Vudoo.

Aleksandra Harsic
Aleksandra Harsic

VP of Sales, Vudoo