Using interactive video to create compelling surveys

Feb 14, 2022

If you’re looking to get feedback from your audience, then sending them a survey can provide valuable insight into what they’re looking for from your business. However, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, people might not always have the time to complete questionnaires, as they can be time consuming. Just 33% of people complete a survey they’re sent, according to SurveyAnyplace, so you need to find ways to stand out.

While there are many ways for consumers to provide feedback to businesses, a well-crafted survey can be one of the most effective. It allows businesses to craft the questions that they want audiences to answer, allowing them to get a more detailed overview of their audience’s wants and needs.

If you’re looking to put together a survey, then creating a questionnaire using interactive video might make a lot of sense for your business. Read on to learn more about how interactive video questionnaires can help your business stand out from the crowd, as well as the data that can be generated using interactive video in addition to the answers to your questions!

Why should I create a survey using interactive video?

For many users, traditional surveys aren’t exactly an engaging time. Brands are constantly searching for feedback from their audience, and filling out a form that a brand then pulls insights from can be time consuming for both the user and the business. Interactive video surveys are an engaging way to create a survey, rather than having someone fill out a form.

When someone completes a standard survey, they have to scroll from question to question, often without much (or any) visual stimuli to keep people engaged. With people’s attention spans shortening thanks to things like social media and bite-sized content, a lengthy static survey can lead to even your most ardent supporters clicking away, often without giving you the information you need.

Interactive video surveys, meanwhile, keep people engaged by putting the power in their hands. Answers can be given by clicking different interactions, while visual and audio content that relates to the survey plays – meaning it’s less likely that people are going to click away, because more of their senses are being engaged through the interactive content.

What tools does interactive video have to make creating surveys easy?

Interactive surveys have a range of tools that can be used to make questionnaires more engaging – tools that aren’t accessible when you’re making a static survey using survey makers/other methods. Some of the features of interactive video include:

• Polls – can be used to gauge which way your audience leans on a topic, especially useful if you’re trying to decide between a couple of options.

• Contact form – in case you want to follow up with respondents to gain more detailed information.

• Quizzes – if you’re looking to test your audience’s knowledge on your business/product offerings.

• Short answers – if you’re looking for more descriptive answers to your questions.

Other tools that Vudoo’s platform includes to make video surveys more accessible, as well as more engaging, include: 

• Branching options – can be used to split audiences into segments if you serve a range of markets/provide a varied range of offerings to different demographics.

• Transcription upload – If your production team already has transcriptions covered, then the Vudoo platform also supports uploads of SRT format files to add transcriptions to your video projects.

• Geolocation data – this can help you see where your survey respondents are located, which may reveal insights into your audience that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

• Links to other pages – helpful if you’re looking to A/B test landing pages or other high-value locations for your business.

• Real-time answers – rather than waiting days, weeks or even months to collate answers, Vudoo’s analytics dashboard gives you access to people’s responses as they come in.

• Ability to export answers to interactions – you can gather the information and data gained from people’s responses and export it to BI programs/other methods of sorting and analyzing feedback.

What should I be aiming for when creating an interactive survey?

Interactive video surveys should feel like a conversation. Interactive video can provide multiple ways for customers/users to provide feedback, and your questionnaire should be short, sharp and engaging. After all, you’re asking your audience to give you some of their valuable time, so ensure you’re using interactive video to speed up the process of filling out a survey, not slowing it down.

You should also have a specific purpose for your interactive video survey. There are multiple things you could be looking for from a survey, and each requires a tailored approach. Some can include:

Post-event feedback

If you’re looking for post-event feedback, then you’ll want to tailor your survey to ask questions about the event – and potentially segment your survey based on what each person did at the event. Vendors will have had a different experience to those that were attending as audience members, so ensure your interactive video has a screening question that takes your audience to specialized surveys based on what category they fall into.

You’ll want to ask questions that relate to things like the setup of the event, the content of the event and what people would like to see in the future. The more information you can get about what people would like to see more of in the future, the better your next event/s will be!

Customer satisfaction survey

A customer satisfaction survey is often useful to send out so you can measure your customer experience and make improvements to your products and services. Using interactive video’s ability to have people interact with the video, a sliding scale from 1-10 will help you assess the satisfaction levels of your audience, as well as follow up with people to find out what your business could be doing better. Alternatively, you could use a poll to determine what elements of your business people are most satisfied with, and where they’d like to see improvement.

Researching a new feature

Want to know what your business should implement next? Finding out more about your audience’s needs through an interactive survey can help guide future development. You can use interactive video to send out a survey that asks users to describe any frustrations they’re currently facing or suggestions for features that they’d like to see. You can provide visual cues through the footage you use as the basis for the survey to help spark people’s answers – something that can’t be done easily when creating a survey using a traditional survey maker.

A general survey will get generalized responses, which might not prove as valuable. Tailor your survey, and you’re much more likely to get valuable data in response.

What other data can interactive video provide? 

If you’re looking to learn more about your audience in general, then interactive video can provide you with data that traditional video cannot. Vudoo’s analytics platform can capture data like interaction rate, completion rate and what interactions people are most interested in, so you can gather valuable insights into your audience’s preferences. 

Interactive video can also prove to your audience that your business is looking to innovate, which is especially valuable if you’re looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Next time you go to create a survey, consider whether interactive video might be the best medium for it – otherwise, you might end up as just another questionnaire in someone’s crowded inbox.

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