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Why interactive video is the future of lead generation

Aug 11, 2021

If your business, like many, requires a constantly functioning lead generation funnel, then it’s important to ensure you’re optimizing your business strategy. Interactive video allows you to capture leads in ways not facilitated by traditional video, so find out how you can improve the ways you produce video content!

Marketers are constantly looking to the future, and the future of lead generation is set to be driven by just how fast technology is advancing. Consumers’ preferences when it comes to technology is ever-changing, and this means it’s important to react to what consumers will be looking for soon, rather than trying to play catchup.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation will make it easier than ever to nurture prospective customers and educate them. Experts predict that personalization is set to be the future of quality lead generation, as the more competitors there are in the market, the harder it will be to stand out with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, your methods will need to be tailored to individual customers using things like AI and automation, so they feel seen and heard, rather than feeling like a nameless face in a sea of leads.

The way you create, provide, and promote content will also change as more tools and avenues become available. Consumers are increasingly able to vigorously research and evaluate different products/services before making a purchase, and if you’re not providing them with engaging, informative content that seeks to shorten the sales cycle, then you’re likely to lose their attention to your competitors. With a wealth of options available to consumers, the power balance has never been more skewed towards the buyer, rather than the seller.

According to growth strategy and digital marketing experts, brands will shift from spending massive budgets on rented properties (directories, pay per lead sites) and paid ads (PPC, social promotions) in the next 10-15 years. Instead, a higher percentage of budgets will go to developing owned lead gen properties.

Having the ability to generate leads from avenues like interactive videos, which can be embedded on your website to capture high-quality leads while adding value to your audience, will prove invaluable as consumers look to engage with cutting-edge technology. 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge, so failing to have a lead generation strategy that makes use of technological advances like AI, automation and interactive video means that you’re falling behind your competition, which won’t be good for your business’ success long-term.

To help showcase how interactive video can help supercharge your lead funnels, we’ve showcased different ways you can use interactive video to your advantage, and why these methods are so effective.

Instantly embed your business objectives

Looking to segment your audience based on which of the lead forms they’re filling out? With interactive video content, this is a breeze. All you need to do is embed the forms at the relevant sections of your video, and gauge audience interest that way.

For example, you may be creating a video that features three different products, with the intent of capturing leads based on who’s interested in each respective item. Rather than requiring them to go to different landing pages, and potentially confusing your audience, Vudoo’s interactive video platform allows you to embed a lead generation form relating to each product at key points in your video, meaning your video is directly generating leads for your funnel.

Capturing leads through forms might not be the primary objective for your business either – which is where interactive video can help you optimize your end goals. For example, a ‘call now’ button embedded in your video allows viewers to connect directly to a customer service representative, enabling businesses to drive direct contact  in ways that might not have been possible with traditional video.

It’s also important to consider the way you’re generating customer interactions and feedback, and whether you want to take a softer approach. Interactive video allows for you to embed polls and quizzes within your content as a way of making users feel connected to your brand, without being too demanding of them. It’s also an easy way to generate personalized, targeted customer feedback, depending on what questions you’re asking.

Capture your audience’s attention when they’re most active

Want to serve your audience with CTAs at the key points of your video? This can be facilitated using interactive video. Through placing interactions at the moments in your video where you want their full attention, you can boost conversions, as well as entice your audience to click through using motion graphics placed strategically in the video.

Interactions can act as signposts for your audience, so they’re not getting confused about the outcomes that you’re looking for from an interactive video.

By enabling pop-ups, pulsing buttons and more, you can easily allow your audience to navigate to the clickable sections of a video, while achieving your lead generation objectives. Whether you’re looking for customers to fill out a form, give your business a call, send an email or any other goal, interactive video allows you to capture your audience’s attention when they’re most emotionally engaged, rather than trying to recapture that interest down the line.

Reduce the amount of clicks it takes for lead generation

It’s a lot easier to get someone to fill their information out in a lead generation form in the moment, rather than after their interest has peaked. Embedding a lead generation form directly within your video will mean you’re striking while the iron’s hot – the goal of any marketer! Studies show that you only have 8 seconds on average to keep someone’s attention, so you want to make the most of that time.

Every time you provide another step for someone to fill out a lead generation form is a chance for people’s interest to disappear. Whether it’s the landing page not loading, the page confusing people or a myriad of other problems, it can lead to people deciding not to fill out the form, meaning a potential opportunity is lost. But what if there was a better way?

Interactive video allows you to create video content that embeds lead generation forms, so that you don’t have to create a dedicated landing page. Instead, your video serves as the ‘landing page’, so you’re able to reduce the steps in the process.

Measure the true ROI of a video and discover what it’s achieving

Finding yourself putting hours and days into your video content, only to be unsure of what value it’s adding to your business? The rich, detailed analytics available to anyone that creates an interactive video can help you quantify what types of content your audience consumes most, as well as which points in the video, they’re most interested in.

Each interaction you include in a video generates a unique set of analytics, so you can better understand what’s working and why – and the more information you have available, the more you can optimize your processes, meaning you’ll achieve the outcomes you’ve been looking for. The CMO Council found that bad leads cost businesses worldwide over $1 trillion each year, so it’s important to know what leads are worth pursuing, and what aren’t. The more time you spend talking to bad leads, the less time you have for the ones that are worthwhile, so it pays to have as much information as possible.

Qualifying and scoring leads can also help you tailor your content, which further illuminates the value of a video. Finding that your highest-quality leads are coming from one or two industries? Tailor your content towards those industries. Interactive video’s wealth of analytics means that you’re able to constantly learn more about your audience and evolve your processes. That’s what the future of lead generation looks like.

Lead generation through video content doesn’t have to be intimidating for you or your audience – instead, they should be a key step in your sales funnel, so you’re constantly receiving leads that can turn into conversions/sales. As technology evolves, so should your processes – and interactive video should form a key part of your lead generation arsenal.

Aleksandra Harsic
Aleksandra Harsic

VP of Sales, Vudoo