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6 reasons to invest in a customer success program

May 08, 2020

A strong customer success strategy isn’t just good for customers, it’s good for business.

Vudoo wants our product to stand out. Which isn’t about us building what we think is an awesome tool-it’s to build what our customers think is an awesome tool. We’re building a world-class customer success program and team not only so that our users get the best experience, but so that our business is the best it can be. Here are six ways a strong customer success program is good for business.

  1. Build better relationships: Customer success starts by working with the customer to understanding what success looks like to them and working together on strategies to achieve that. This deeper understanding of the customer creates a stronger connection and makes the customer feel heard. Businesses put copious resources into trying to learn about the customer, so anything that aids this is a very good thing.

  2. Relieve customer service pressures: It stands to reason that if you anticipate a customer’s needs and actively help to achieve them, you’re far less likely to be managing problems down the track, logging fewer complaints and support tickets. Establishing that ongoing relationship also means that if things do hit the fan, the customer is often less combative and prepared to let you fix things.

  3. Foster confidence: Done well, customer success inspires self-confidence in the customer to get things done and achieve outcomes. It also creates confidence in your business, that you have their interests in mind and that you’ll have the answers they need (or be prepared to find them).

  4. Create business efficiencies: Clearly, the less time your team spends reacting to problems the better. But it goes both ways. Every time a customer hits a roadblock and has to seek help or assistance is time spent not moving closer to achieving their outcomes. And time, as they say, is money.

  5. Do better business: The great thing about having a long-term dialogue with customers isn’t just about getting to know them, it’s about getting to know yourself. How can what you do be refined to better serve the needs of the customers that sustain you? A business that doesn’t aim to be responsive and continuously improve is a business tempting failure.

  6. Engender loyalty: When customers see that you’re responsive to their needs and that you help them reach the outcomes they want, it takes a lot for them to want to upset the applecart. Deliver what customers need, evolve with them and they will stick by you. That’s why Vudoo is building a world class customer success program. Sure, “world class” is a big statement, but we’re doing this by benchmarking the best and consulting with the likes of Clayton Moulynox who’s done it all on a global scale with Microsoft and Auth0, a US$1B Seattle-based startup. This outside expertise keeps us from being insular, challenges our assumptions and confirms our thought-leadership. And that, ultimately, pushes us to be our very best.

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Keira Lewis
Keira Lewis

General Manager, Vudoo