Your new technique for creating unique video marketing

Mar 24, 2022

If you’re looking to spice up your next marketing campaign, then it’s time to look at investing in interactive video. Interactive video can help you create unique video marketing campaigns that tell stories in ways your audience will enjoy.

How have your recent video marketing campaigns gone? If they haven’t succeeded in the past, then it’s time to spice things up. Your next video marketing campaign needs to stand out from the crowd, and interactive video can help you get ahead of your competitors.

Interactive video turns video from a passive experience into an active one, while opening up countless ways to be creative. Whether it’s through polling, quizzes, branching (‘choose-your-own-adventure’) technology or other features that are present within Vudoo’s platform, your next video could be your most successful yet if it’s made into an interactive piece of content.

What does it take to create a memorable and unique marketing campaign?

No brand has ever stood out by creating a similar campaign to that of their peers and playing it safe.. Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad made a statement that resonates to this day, framing the Macintosh computer as a way of saving humanity from “Big Brother” (in actuality, it was a reference to the dominance of rival company IBM}. The ad took inspiration from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a novel about the danger of a totalitarian state. Apple used this message to showcase their product, and their brand, as the ones that could shake up the system for the better.

In the 100 days that followed the Super Bowl, Apple sold 72,000 computers. Not bad for an ad that some thought might sink the company. While your business might not have the budget to create a Super Bowl-sized ad, it’s a reminder that playing it safe with your business’s marketing will only achieve standard results. If you want to achieve new peaks, you have to create content that goes above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

What does the next generation of video look like? 

An excellent way to create video content that’s out of the box is by producing something that invites your audience to interact with your brand and its story. Interactive content can be found in more aspects of life than ever, including social media, video games and even video productions. These experiences reward people for engaging with the content that’s presented to them, and this can be replicated through utilizing interactive video.

Creating interactive video content for your next marketing campaign can help you stand out from your competition, especially when combined with elements of gamification. By creating an interactive experience that rewards your audience for interacting (for example, giving them the ability to access exclusive content through different interactions), you can engage your audience in ways that aren’t possible with traditional/linear video content. If you’re looking to elevate your video content, then creating an innovative campaign using interactive video might just be your best bet.

How can you make a mark with your next unique campaign using interactive video?

If you’re finding that your creativity is waning when you’re creating marketing campaigns, or you feel like you’ve pushed your current resources to their limit, then interactive video can help you make your next marketing campaign your most innovative and exciting yet. Whether you’re looking to share information with an audience, showcase your latest products/offerings or create content that shows off the benefits of joining a customer loyalty program, it pays to be engaging.

Interactive video can mesh with your other existing channels to help drive traffic to where you want your customers to go. Rip Curl used Instagram Stories, as well as other social media platforms, to entice people into visiting the interactive video. People who saw the Instagram Stories were encouraged to swipe up, and they were then able to find their ideal swimwear based on the options they selected within the video.

Rip Curl made use of branching (‘choose-your-own-adventure’) technology, giving users the ability to select different options that ranged from whether they preferred swimming or surfing, to what body characteristics they possessed. This information was then used to create a personalized list of items that best suited them, meaning they were more likely to make a purchase.

The information gathered from the options selected by their audience also gave Rip Curl the ability to optimize future marketing campaigns. Vudoo’s interactive video platform captures data like interaction rate (the percentage of people that interact with a video while watching it) and conversion rate (the percentage of people that complete the desired business objective after watching the video). Vudoo also captures the points of each user journey, which Rip Curl are able to use to work out what products will be most popular with their audience going forward based on what body types are most common, as well as where their audience likes to wear their clothing. 

If you’ve recently held virtual events (or in-person events where you’ve recorded key speeches) then using an interactive video to share those talks with your audience can help establish your brand as a thought leader. IHS Markit held IEB AutoTech 2021 last year, an online conference that showcased “the most recent updates on mobility innovation and evolution amidst the pandemic, and how the key industrial players brace themselves for the journey towards net-zero”, according to IHS Markit’s website.

To increase the longevity of the event, IHS Markit created an interactive video that collated the highlights of the event. Users could select on the topic/s within the video that interested them. The video also prompted users to join the IEB AutoTech Community via an overlay that collected user data, allowing IHS Markit to have access to a wider audience for subsequent marketing campaigns. 

Your next marketing campaign could be your best yet thanks to the power of interactive video. Marketers just like you have been inspired by the range of options available when creating interactive video, even producing award-winning video content.

If you’re looking to build interest in your brand, or pass on information about the things that matter to you and your audience, then include interactive video content as part of your next content strategy update.