eCommerce Australia: commerce with content with founder of Vudoo, Nick Morgan

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eCommerce Australia

Join us on a captivating journey from Sydney to Melbourne, with digital marketing guru, Nick Morgan. 

In this enthralling conversation, we travel down memory lane, tracing Nick’s path from the corporate world to the dynamic field of digital marketing. 

We explore the early days of his career, his transformational role in digital marketing and e-commerce, and his unique philosophy of work-life integration. 

As he opens up about his pioneering experiences in digital marketing, he also highlights how he navigated the changing landscape and how the arrival of the iPhone ignited new opportunities in the digital realm.

Venture with us into the transformative world of Vudoo, Nick Morgan's exceptional interactive video company. 

Hear first-hand how Nick transformed what he calls a 'race to the bottom' product into an immersive, authentic experience that led to a significant brand uplift. 

Offering pearls of wisdom from his extensive experience, Nick explains the power of interactivity in crafting compelling narratives that keep users spellbound.

In the concluding part of our discussion, we delve into the intriguing future of social platform shopping. 

We examine the growth of Vudoo, the potential shifts in the industry over the next few years, and how major tech companies are steering us towards integrated shop and checkout features on social platforms. 

As we unpack the implications for consumer behaviour, we also highlight the limitations of traditional e-commerce websites, offering you valuable insights into the evolving e-commerce landscape. 

Wrap up this gripping conversation learning about the immense benefits of Vudoo for e-commerce, substantiated by compelling data, and how this technology can be harnessed by brands of all sizes.

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eCommerce Australia

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