Add to Cart: unleashing the power of shoppable video. A conversation with Vudoo’s CEO

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Add to Cart podcast

Nick Morgan, founder and CEO of Vudoo, joins the Add to Cart podcast to discuss how his platform enables choose-your-own-adventure style customer journeys and the growing relationship between advertising and e-commerce. He explains how Vudoo allows customers to convert and shop wherever they are, while also helping premium publishers monetize their content. Nick shares examples of successful campaigns, such as Moet & Chandon’s partnership with News Corp, and highlights the importance of engagement and transaction rates in measuring success.

Discussion Topics

  • Vudoo allows customers to convert and shop wherever they are, collapsing the funnel and providing a seamless shopping experience.
  • The convergence of advertising and e-commerce is creating new opportunities for brands and publishers to engage customers and drive transactions.
  • Vudoo’s technology enables choose-your-own-adventure style customer journeys, increasing engagement and transaction rates.
  • Retail media networks are growing as a category faster than search and social, providing a new channel for brands to reach customers.
  • The death of cookies is driving a shift towards first-party data and creating opportunities for innovative companies like Vudoo.

Key Quotes

“Let’s take our checkout to where our customers are, the customers that might not want to click back into our site…let’s allow them to shop where they are.”

“We launched with Moët & Chandon and News last year. It was an arduous task, and when we launched that and they ran it across the campaign, across their network, it was really quite impressive, and the results were really extremely effective.”

“We’re seeing marketing budgets on a global scale shifting to retail media networks, which is this closed-loop experience between the retailer and the publisher. There’s a lot of concern around where all the budgets are going, and they’re all going to retail media networks. What we’re seeing now is a big shift, and we’re seeing some successful startups in Australia deliver this.”

What does true shoppable video look like?

“Shoppable video was always around and I built an interactive platform to build our product. The difference for me was in the terminology. For me, it wasn’t shoppable. It was browsable with a link.

Coming from ecom, shopable meant a transaction, right? That’s what ecommerce is. And so that’s what we set out to solve.

When we looked around in market for a shoppable video that was actually allowing a transaction to happen in video, we were able to build that and drill it down to have all that happening in a really simple piece of code. Once we were able to crack that, we knew we were onto something.

What we’ve done is we’ve taken headless technology and we’ve built the Vudoo commerce, API as a headless unit. That headless unit allows us to integrate into other headless units really, really simply. And then using, it’s a dirty term these days, but basically using non fungible tokens for tokenization to pass the monetary transaction with payment provider back to the ecom platform in real time.

So it is quite technical. No one has ever built it. Hence why we’ve patented the technology in this instance. But that’s, that’s where the magic is. That’s what took a lot of time to build. It was just the final piece of our product.”

Add to Cart Podcast

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