How to make the most of Video Swap

Video Image

Vudoo recently unveiled the Video Swap feature, which allows you to swap out the video within a project while retaining your interactions and analytics. Check out the video below to see the feature in action, and read on to find out the answers to some of the most common questions about Video Swap!

What are the benefits of Video Swap?

Want to test out a new video that could optimize your content? This feature makes it a breeze. If you’ve ever needed to re-record a video, or you’re looking to update a campaign with new information, then this is the feature for you. Rather than having to create a new campaign from scratch, Video Swap allows you to improve your existing campaigns with new video content.

How do I swap out a video?

Open up a video project and go to the video settings - then open the Video Swap tab. There, you can click browse to insert a video from your Asset Library. It couldn’t be easier!

How does Video Swap maintain my pins for videos that are different lengths?

Vudoo’s platform uses the pin’s original duration to calculate where it is placed in the new video (pins must be at least 3 seconds long). The start time will always stay the same unless Vudoo’s platform cannot match the same start time and this 3 second rule is not met, at which point the start will be shifted back accordingly (this occurs if the new video is shorter than the original and the pin’s end time falls outside the new video’s length).

The end point will be changed based on the comparative length of the old and new clips. The platform will also warn the user about the possible changes to pins. You will then have to confirm that you are happy with the changes to the pins.

What happens to my interactions if I switch from a portrait video to a landscape video/vice versa?

Vudoo’s video platform uses percentages and coordinates to position interactions. When switching video orientation, these figures will be used to place your interactions in their correct positions.

Will it affect my analytics?

No, your analytics will not be affected - they will still continue to be reported.

Can I swap in a video that’s part of another project?

No, you can only swap for videos that are not part of other projects. If you want to use a video that’s already in another project then you’ll need to upload another copy of that video to your Asset Library.