Explaining the complex through the Australian Taxation Office's interactive video

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The Australian Taxation Office, responsible for administering the federal taxation system and associated matters, provides essential resources to the public to help them understand their tax obligations and the complicated processes involved. The ATO saw digital and interactive content as a way to revolutionize the information passed on to the public through an exciting new experience.

Using data to engage first-time lodgers

The ATO wanted to create video content that provided interactive and engaging experiences for their audience. They were particularly interested in providing resources that could help first-time lodgers. They were also looking to use data insights from this tax time campaign to help them optimize and refine their future content efforts.

Seeing the opportunity to create interactive content

Vudoo’s interactive video platform was seen as a tool that would allow the ATO to create interactive videos that can convey complex information in an easy to digest format. They saw interactive video as the solution to combine multiple videos and put them into one, creating “choose-your-own-adventure” pieces of content using branching technology.

Branching technology allows users to access one central video with a range of interactions embedded throughout. The user is in control, and is able to decide what criteria/personas are relevant to them, with multiple options presented resulting in personalized user journeys. The ATO was able to use interactive technology to create an explainer video that broke down the barriers that can exist in linear videos. The unique experience of interactive video also meant that the ATO was able to turn what is often seen as complex, dry topics into much more creative and engaging content.



Over a 3 month campaign period.


outbound clicks

Over a 3 month campaign period.


conversion rate

Over a 3 month campaign period.

Connecting people with the right information

The ATO's explainer video saw a total of 7,260 interactions with 1,752 outbound clicks to their landing page and a whopping 55.16% conversion rate in users going through the entire content journey and clicking a link to go through to the relevant landing page. The content helped users acquire the right information, as they chose a destination that contained what they needed to know. Since launching these videos, the ATO has experienced a staggering increase in viewer retention and engagement.

Another huge benefit of interactive video is that the ATO was able to gain behavioural insights into what journeys drove the most engagement, which has helped shape their future content strategy and the way they structure and provide information moving forward. These are insights that couldn’t have been gleaned from linear video, as they used interaction and conversion rates to see what people were clicking on most frequently.

You can view the ATO's interactive video here.