Time to celebrate

Vudoo turns three!

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For any startup, each successful year in business is a significant milestone. Statistically speaking, the odds are against you. So, whilst any anniversary is notable, as Vudoo turns three this month, the celebration is especially sweet.

The idea behind Vudoo first arose in a bar in Singapore over a couple of gin and tonics with my co-founder, Nick. It was there that our vision for Vudoo started taking shape. Running a startup is most definitely a white-knuckle ride. I liken it to piloting a plane aimed straight for the ground.

Entrepreneurs who embark on these adventures have an inherent sense of belief that the plane won’t crash and, when we successfully wrestle the controls, we hang on tight and point things in the right direction. Invariably, we skim the grass blades at times, but we’re here-with a beautiful little three-year-old venture. I am immensely proud of the supremely talented team we have brought together in that time and the team has grown exponentially in recent months. We’ve moved into beautiful offices at our Melbourne home and opened our first overseas operation in the UK. We’ve been fortunate enough to secure major investment to help propel the business forward. We’ve welcomed major global organizations as customers and industry partners.

So, this anniversary is particularly special because, despite all the headwinds facing the world at the present time, the Vudoo of today is living up to the vision we had back in that bar in Singapore. Sure, the long hours haven’t stopped, and we could never have envisaged marking Vudoo’s third anniversary locked down in the grip of a global pandemic. But when we reflect on how far we’ve come even in the last year, I can’t wait to see what Vudoo will grow to become in the next 12 months….and beyond.

While it’s certainly strange not to be sharing the moment in person with Nick, our incredible team, our investors, and our partners, I owe each one of them my gratitude. Because when you first set out to build a business, you can dream of many things – but nobody ever dreams of doing it alone.

Andrew Spalding, Co-Founder & Joint CEO, Vudoo