How interactive video gives customers a voice

Brands that can successfully open up a dialogue with their customers will find themselves set for success by giving customers a voice.

Feb 10, 2020

It used to be that marketers would dictate what they say to customers and when. But that was back when audiences were captive ones, glued to a few TV stations or radio channels and religiously leafing through their favourite magazine’s month in, month out.

To paraphrase a former Australian Prime Minister, brands decided what the audience heard and the circumstances in which they heard it. But the relationship between brands and customers changed irrevocably some time ago.

As media fragmented and attention spans spread further and wider, the tables turned. Brands found they needed to chase customers to new platforms and once they got there, they discovered people could just skip or scroll past their message. The indignity!

Yes, the brand/customer relationship is now a two-way street. With the advent of data-driven content, customers have the power to call the shots-through response rates and engagement levels, they make it very clear what they want to hear from a brand… and what they don’t.

Complicating things further is the proliferation of communication channels. Staying silent isn’t an option because brands are expected to populate their digital environment with content. The metrics we’ve used to measure the success of content- likes, comments, view duration, completion rates, click-throughs-are helpful, but they haven’t evolved all that much.

Interactive clickable video, however, presents a new frontier not only for the viewer experience but in the sophistication of the data it provides. Vudoo’s research tells us that interactive video cuts through more with viewers and has the power to drive retention and make a message more memorable.

Instead of just knowing when, say, someone stops watching, clickable video allows brands to learn about the products and ideas they engaged with before they hit the skip button. Each time someone interacts (or chooses not to) is an opportunity for in-the-moment insights and feedback.

And where conventional video metrics can involve a degree of extrapolation, interactive video lets you literally ask questions of the viewer while they watch. If that’s not giving customers a voice through content, we don’t know what is.

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Keira Lewis
Keira Lewis

General Manager, Vudoo