Interaction drives favourability, memorability and brand sentiment

Feb 28, 2020

Industry research provides context into the continued rise and importance of video as a means of reaching consumers. Analysis by Zenith forecasts an average growth in video ad spend between 2019 and 2022 of 16.6%-far outstripping an anticipated 1.1% rise in overall ad spend in 2020. The Nielsen Australian Video Viewing report confirms the industry investment by identifying the average Australian home as having 6.6 screens to watch and consume video content.

In the U.S., video accounts for 1 hour, 26 minutes of daily media time amongst the adult population. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. TV networks have created in 30 years.

So how do brands and advertisers take advantage of the growing media consumption trend and cut through the growing clutter to ensure their message is relevant, memorable and impacts the desired audience?

As a specialist in video interactivity, Vudoo commissioned The Interpreters to undertake research in the United States to determine the impact of video interactivity on key advertiser metrics including message take out, comprehension, memorability, resonance and future brand interaction. To measure the impact of interactivity, two demographically matched samples of 250 U.S. adults were sent a survey containing a video (control) or a version with interactivity (exposed).

Immediately after viewing, each group was asked a series of key questions. Then, 48 hours after the initial survey, a follow up survey was conducted to measure the longevity of key measures and the retention of messages.

The survey uncovered statistically significant results:

  • Attitudinal uplift in video sentiment Those exposed to interactive video were more likely than the control group to think differently about the brand and the offer shown in the video

  • Better memorability Interactivity made viewers more likely to be able to retain the main message of the video 48 hours after the first view

  • Improved retention Viewers of interactive video were more likely to be able to nominate more features shown in the 15 second video, unprompted, immediately after evaluation

  • Higher recall Prompted recall of feature was significantly higher with interactive video

  • Stronger brand sentiment The control group were significantly more likely, when shown the exposed video, to agree it was more effective in capturing their attention. They saw more relevant information and it made them feel differently about the advertised brand

β€œThe fact that we were able to identify statistically significant differences in the areas that drive viewer engagement is testament to the role that video interactivity has,” says Paul Dixon, Founder & Managing Director of The Interpreters. β€œThe qualitative component of the research validated this with U.S consumers genuinely excited by the technology, seeing it as a non obtrusive mechanism to learn more and engage with video content.”.

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