5 Ways You Should Promote Your Next Video

Jan 24, 2022

Creating a great video is just half the battle – it’s also important to know how to promote it! There are more ways than ever to successfully promote video content – both paid and organic – but you need to go about it in the right way.

If you’re finding that your video content isn’t getting results, then you may not be promoting it correctly. While it’s important to create a video that’s compelling and engaging, it’s hard to find an engaged audience if they don’t know your video exists – which is why effective promotion can mean the difference between 10 video plays and 10,000.

To help you make your next video your most successful one yet, we’ve put together some tips to help get more eyes on your video content. If you’re able to get your video content in front of more people, then you’ll be able to market your business more effectively – and soon, you’ll have an engaged audience that hangs off your every word.

1. Promote your video on key touch points and communication channels

Want to get your video out into the world? Using organic channels like social media and email means you’re connecting with people that have already chosen to stay up-to-date with your business. Whether you’ve built up a social media following, an email list or both, promoting your video content directly to your audience through your earned channels will get your content in front of people that are interested.

Building a social media audience/robust email list doesn’t happen overnight, but if it’s not something you’ve done before, then it can be part of your marketing efforts. Building an audience on social media means that you can market to them whenever you have new content to share, so you’re not always having to spend money on other means of promotions.

If you’re a business that has different key touch points, then the same thought applies. Whether you’re a business that relies on direct mail, in-store visits, live chat or any other methods, there are countless ways you can promote your video content, both in traditional and digital means. The more you look to get the word out about your video content, the more likely you’ll reach and engage your audience!

2. Ensure you’ve implemented best SEO practices

Video SEO shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be front-of-mind when creating your content. Good video SEO means you’ll rank higher on search engines and social media platforms, getting more eyes onto your content (and therefore, your business). Video SEO also means that you can get more visitors to your website/social media platforms, meaning more people will be engaging with your different media channels. It’s important to make sure you’re doing things like:

  • Creating an engaging and intriguing thumbnail
  • Using keywords that are relevant to your industry/niche
  • Writing a compelling description that tells search engines about your video
  • Researching the tags you’re using for your video
  • Checking if there is a way you can create backlinks for your video

These are simple things you can do, but are often overlooked when striving to make a great piece of video content. If you make these things a part of your video creation process, then it’s likely that your video will increasingly be recommended to more people!

3. Invest in paid social media advertising

Whether you’re a business that is B2C or B2B, investing in social media advertising is a great way to promote your video content. Social media advertising gives you the ability to refine your target audience so your video is getting seen by those who are most likely to engage with your business’s offerings.

If you’re yet to develop a video strategy for your business (or if it is in need of an update), then it’s worth considering what social media platforms are a natural fit for your business, as well as including the amount you’re willing to spend on social media ads in your budget. Well-executed social media advertising campaigns can drive traffic to both your video and high-value pages on your website, but it requires preparation – otherwise, the cost of your ads can quickly get out of hand.

If you’re looking to combine organic and paid social media methods, you can use paid social media advertising to create a lookalike audience based on your organic social media followings. This is an easy way to build an audience that might engage with your content far beyond a singular interaction, because they’re being served your ad due to their similarities to people who have previously expressed interest in what you’re creating.

4. Connect with other businesses/creators in your niche

Building a community of like-minded businesses/creators can prove to be very beneficial, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s not uncommon to see ambassadors/influencers have networks that extend far beyond the typical reach of brands, with many seeing recommendations from individuals as more trustworthy than a promotion from a business. By collaborating with other businesses/creators, you can have your content amplified to audiences that are interested in the content you’re creating, but might not have yet been exposed to your content.

Connecting with other businesses/creators can also help shape the content you create in the future, as they’ll be in the know about the trending topics in your niche/industry. Discussing the problems that are prevalent in your industry, as well as potential solutions, can help you create valuable content that is attractive to your target audience, and talking with other thought leaders can spark ideas that might not otherwise have materialized.

5. Make it different to your previous video content using interactive video

Need a way to make your video content stand out from the crowd? Turn your next planned piece of video content into an interactive video. Interactive video is able to engage your audience in ways that traditional video can’t, and creating an interactive video means you have a great hook for when you’re looking to promote your latest addition to your content library. Vudoo’s interactive video platform allows you to place interactions at key moments in your video, and has proven to be beneficial for businesses/organizations in a variety of industries.

Interactions like polls, quizzes and links to your website/other locations means you can provide more value to your audience, and Vudoo’s analytics dashboard collects valuable data about your audience that extends far beyond vanity metrics. Next time you go to create a video, work out beforehand how you’re going to promote it – and if you want to ensure that it’s a video that your audience will remember, then turn it into an interactive video!

Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan

Founder & CEO, Vudoo